Do I need a permit?
Each town has different rules regarding permits. We recommend each homeowner/contractor contact the town direct.

How long can I have a container?
We guarantee you can have the container for at least 7 days. You call back to schedule a pick-up when finished. We allow customers to keep the containers longer at no extra charge, however if your container has been out the longest, we may call you to schedule a pick-up if necessary.

Will I ruin my driveway?
If you are concerned about your driveway being damaged, you can leave boards for the driver to place under the container. We recommend ¾” plywood, a minimum of 1ft by 3 ft . 4 boards would be needed. At pick-up of container, if you would like us to dispose of the boards, just let us know and we will take them.

How do I fill the dumpster?
Each dumpster has a door that opens which allows you to walk right into the dumpster for easy loading. Please keep all debris as level as possible with sides of container.

How do I get rid of paint?
We accept paint cans as long as they are completely dried out. You can put cat litter or sand in the paint cans to absorb the liquid. You can also dump the paint on other trash to allow it to dry (for ex: on a hot summer day pour the paint on a rug you are throwing away, let the rug and paint can dry, then throw them in the container).

How do I get rid of a mattress?
Some counties charge a fee for mattresses. We recommend checking with your town or your residential weekly garbage company; sometimes they will accept the items at no charge.

How do I get rid of dirt?
The largest container we can give you for dirt is 15 cubic yards due to the excessive weight. The dirt must be clean with no trash, construction/household debris or masonry debris. Must be ONLY dirt. If you have dirt to get rid of, please give us a call to see if we can take the dirt at this time.

Do you take appliances?
Yes, appliances are acceptable. Just make sure they fit within the wall height of the container or please lay them down. Please call first for any items that may contain Freon.

Do I have to pay in advance for my dumpster rental?
Yes, payment must be given before or at the time of dumpster delivery. A credit card must be given as “back-up”. We will give you a receipt for your payment.

What about an overweight dumpster?
Each container ordered has an included ton limit. If a container dumps for more than the given ton limit, it is considered to be “over-weight”. Once the container is weighed by the county dump, you will be notified via phone if your container was over-weight. Over-weights are then payable upon receipt and preferably charged to a credit card. We will mail you a credit card receipt upon request.

What if it rains or snows? Will this affect my disposal weight?
You may want to tarp the container due to inclement weather to avoid items from soaking up water. When the container is picked up, it gets tilted and excess water in the bottom pours out. However, the water that is soaked into debris (such as carpets, mattresses, etc.) will not drain. To prevent unwanted weight from water, you can use a landscape plastic from a local hardware store and you can ask us to dispose of it when we pick up the container. If you use one you would like to keep, just inform us and we will leave it.